Distribute Online Coupon Codes

How to Create and Distribute Online Coupon Codes That Are Effective

The first important step when creating an online coupon is determining the amount of discount that you want to give and the duration of time that you want the promotion to run. Be clear on the type of promotion you are buying like “buy two get one free”. The next step is creating an online coupon. There are many large coupon code sites, but they are targeted for small businesses. Small businesses should have a local target audience where they will have these promotions. It’s much more idealist for small business to make use of coupon websites like craigslist which lets small business create coupon codes and distribute them in just a few clicks. Also, you can create a coupon by creating an offer and sending it out via email.

How to distribute your online coupon?

Immediately you have created your coupon code offer you should start looking for ways in which you will distribute it. Your local business coupon should be able to be accessed by local consumers. If local clients cannot access it, then it’s not effective. There are various free and inexpensive methods that you can use to distribute your online coupon codes.

  1. Email a coupon list to all your clients

Allow all your clients to print the coupon code and bring it with them to your store or mention it while purchasing for them to get a discount.

  1. Blog about your coupons

Even though you might have few customers who have subscribed to your blog, posting the coupon deals will get your new clients and also recommendations.

  1. Posting your coupon

Post your coupons on a social website or a business directory that distributes coupons to target customers through local websites and channels like locals and Facebook.

  1. Craigslist posting

If you are a businessman in the service industry, you can create a craigslist posting in a business category and post all the discounts that you are offering.

  1. Use Facebook and Twitter

You can use your Facebook and Twitter platform to offer family and friends discounts. Ensure the promotions that you are offering are attractive and that they will make your clients feel special. There is a reason why your followers follow you, and that is to get information and deals.


It’s important for business people to create coupon codes which are effective and ones that will be accessed by your local clients.

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